Crab Clan


In the early days when the Shin began settling the unoccupied regions of Sagu, a deep ravine was found in the south west.  This area was watched over by the Cat Clan.  Being a curious folk, the Cats sent all manner of parties into this seemingly bottomless cleft.  Eventually the bottom was found but the Cats decided to go further.  Using black powder and mining they broke through to an even deeper chasm.  Unfortunately it was not unoccupied.  Giant insect-like creatures swarmed out of the breach.  These Shark-like creatures killed everyone in the ravine and then began to attack the surface as well.  The Cats paid for their curiosity but died with honor as the clan sacrificed itself to hold the tide long enough for the nearby clans to send troupes to drive back the swarm.  At first the survivors tried to seal the breach but the Manti, now aware of the world above, just broke the seals and attacked again.  The second attempt to thwart the mindless horde was to seal up the entire top of the ravine.  Unfortunately this only exacerbated the danger.  The bugs dug their own side tunnels and appeared at random throughout the countryside, killing hundreds.  The final solution is what still stands today.  The ravine was opened again and all the side tunnels sealed.  A great wall and defenses were built around the ravine.  As long at the ravine remains uncovered, it seems that the Sharkes do not seek other routes very often instead choosing to charge this obvious opening.  The last remaining Cat samurai (who also was their greatest warrior) founded a new clan, the Crab.  It is the charge of these dour warriors to stand that wall and drive back the tides of Manti that surge up out of the depths.  The Crab value this duty above everything, even honor. They might be gruff, unkempt and downright rude at times, but no one questions their strength or courage.

Views on the Other Clans

Crane Clan        The Crab hate the Crane Clan almost as much as they hate the Manti. The Crane represent everything the Crab despise – weak, elusive and relying on commerce and politics to offset their cowardice.

Snake Clan        Few in Sagu can understand the mysterious Snake Clan, and the Crab are no exception to this. The Crab do not trust what they can't understand and the Crab, infuriated over the Tattooed Order's isolation from the outside world, labeled the Snake cowards. The other families within the Snake are more respected by the Crab, the Mirumoto family for their military skills and the Kitsuki magistrates for their honorable dealings with the rest of the Empire. When the Agasha were still a part of the Snake they had an interesting relationship with the Kuni family despite the famous Agasha aloofness. The Kuni would frequently send oni ichor or goblin entrails to the Agasha for identification and inspection, cementing a relationship based upon mutual interests.

Lion Clan          The Crab have a grudging respect for the Lion Clan. They do not care for the Lion as a rule, but they can't ignore their tactical prowess. The only problem the Crab really have with the Lion was one of philosophy. The Lion boast of honor in defending the Emperor, but without achievements this is merely words. The Lion's rigid adherence to abstract philisophic notions of honor often cause the Crab to see them as arrogant and posturing to no useful result.

Eagle Clan         The Crab have displayed a suprising level of respect for the pacifistic Eagle Clan. The two clans have never quarreled over land due to the geographic distance between them, and their other interests are so different they have never had cause to disagree. The Eagle often speak their minds, and while the Crab ignore their cries for peace they still respect the openness of the Eagle. The power of the magic the Eagle possess is never dismissed and the Kuni never hesitate to go to the Isawa when they need aid.

Scorpion Clan   The Crab once despised the Scorpion Clan only slightly less than the Crane. Scorpions are deceptive and tricky like the Crane, but unlike the Crane, they show a wary respect to the Crab. Having clashed before, the Scorpion know it is not wise to anger the Crab. The Crab have tried to have as little to do with the Scorpion as possible, although this sometimes played into the ploys of the Scorpion.  Despite the Crab's aversion to some Scorpion tactics, such as allowing Shadowlands creatures past their Wall so they can eliminate political enemies, they have found the Scorpion to be valuable allies. They have strengthened the ties between them through several political marriages and have found that they share a willingness to make sacrifices to protect the Empire and a pragmatic stance toward honor.

Horse Clan        The Crab view the Horse Clan as kindred spirits in a way. They are much like the Crab in that their strange customs have made them outsiders in Sagu and their martial prowess mark them as true warriors.

Shark Clan        Generally speaking, the Crab and the Shark Clan get along quite well. The Shark' strange customs (some of which were actually Crab customs as well) make them outsiders in Sagu in the much same way as the Crab and the Horse, and the Crab understand that while the martial prowess of the Shark tend to be specialized for naval conflict, on the high seas they were powerful indeed. The Crab also get along well with them on a personal basis, as the Shark are often just as willing to speak their minds as the Crab and are flexible enough to be comfortable in virtually any situation. Moreover, the Shark come from the blood of Hida, and while they did not stand on the Wall, the Crab understand the purpose they serve in guarding Sagu's ocean borders. Lastly, the Shark have always been ready to lend their aid to the Crab when called upon.

Yakoo Clans       The Crab view most Yakoo Clans with a great degree of favor, respecting them for their relative strength compared to their size. The Crab shared borders with the both the Hare and Sparrow Clans, providing a sort of buffer between them and the Scorpion Clan. The nearby minor clan daimyo were wise enough to not draw the wrath of the Crab, and viewed them as allies should the Crane or Scorpion turned upon them.

Crab ruling families


Crab Clan

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